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Walking with St. Dymphna

Sisters, have you ever felt anxiety over a situation beyond your control? Believed that you could never be loved because of what was...

Infertility on screen: part 1

It was movie night. I thought I was sitting down to watch a light-hearted horror movie (Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice). Instead, I had stumbled..

PMS and the imprints of fruitfulness

On a recent morning, I was in the throes of PMS (sometimes this verges on its more severe form, PMDD). I was tired after a restless night...

Is suffering a blessing from God?

It is a precarious concept to open your mind and heart enough to ponder if suffering is a blessing from God. When I first began to write...

Letters of encouragement: low self-esteem

How on earth could I worship an all-loving God week after week but believe He made a mistake when He made me? ...

Holy Saturdays of our lives

A wise and holy priest once told me that we don’t get to Easter Sunday without Good Friday. Simply put, we must go through suffering to...

New wineskins

Our priest talked about how sin results in death – a moral death and existential death. Moral death in a person causes confusion, and the..

Sadness and despair: you are not alone

Struggling with infertility or loss can be a time of deep pain and sorrow, even to the point of having suicidal thoughts. Social media is...

The hem of His garment

There have been so many times in the depths of my grief when I felt as if I, too, was hanging on to that single thread. After my losses...

Forty days in the desert of infertility

Is there anything that more closely resembles the journey of infertility than the season of Lent? 40 long days alone in the desert, being...

Hope in the darkness

This blog post is adapted from a talk given at a retreat evening for women experiencing infertility and loss.

4th week of Advent: Where are you, God?

“Where are you, God?” It’s a question I imagine Joseph might have prayed in the interior of His heart as He learnt the news of Mary...

3rd week of Advent: Replacing the ugly with joy

“Happy is the man who does not lose faith in me” (Matthew 11:6) but it is hard not to lose faith. In the darke

Learning to accept God’s will through infertility

It is a surreal feeling to have your worst fear come true. From the time I was a little girl, all I wanted when I grew up was to be a wife..

When suffering and trust co-exist

So, fear not sister. In those places of littleness and longing and emptiness, press into TRUST. And please know that in the remaining days..

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