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Choosing a method of Natural Family Planning

If you’re new to NFP, it can be confusing to hear mention of different methods, and often we only hear about whichever one is promoted in...

RESOURCE: Spouse Support Cheat​​ Sheet

Helping your spouse help you! Infertility can be full of stressful situations: your monthly cycle, medical appointments, pregnancies of...

The gift-giver’s guide to care packages

We are Frances and Clare, two sisters and best friends, and care packages are our love language! Frances carries the cross of infertility an

RESOURCE: Communicating and sharing the mental load

It is important to keep honest and open communication with your spouse and other loved ones to let them know when we feel overstretched and

Is it getting hot in here? Let’s talk about sex!

We believe that sex needs to be talked about more in the Catholic Church so that fewer couples feel alone on their journey. To open up...

RESOURCE: Processing Infertility Grief

Walking the path of infertility is an experience of life not following the path we have hoped and planned for. This deviation from our...

RESOURCE: Levels of Self-Care

Sometimes, tough seasons can go on indefinitely, and the levels of support you need may vary depending on the day. During your infertility..

Praying the Holy Spirit novena

The nine days of prayer is considered to be the first novena, which took place in the time period between the Ascension and Pentecost.

RESOURCE: Discerning the next best step

When you know it is time for a change “I can’t do this any longer!” “I feel like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall.” “We just keep...

Infertility audio-guided meditations on the Hallow app

We are excited to announce that a collection of infertility prayers and guided meditations by The Fruitful Hollow is now available to listen

Fruitful affirmations

Why use affirmations? Affirmations are positive statements, phrases or sentences which can be repeated often to counteract negative thoughts

RESOURCE: Preparing for Surgery

So you’ve made the important decision to go ahead with surgery! This resource includes the following sections: Pages 1-2: What to ask your s

Back to school: time to pack your backpack!

The smell of freshly sharpened pencils, completely white sneakers, cute haircuts and junior high nerves is what comes to mind for me when...

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