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RESOURCE: Discerning the next best step

When you know it is time for a change “I can’t do this any longer!” “I feel like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall.” “We just keep...

Infertility audio-guided meditations on the Hallow app

We are excited to announce that a collection of infertility prayers and guided meditations by The Fruitful Hollow is now available to listen

If God is in the details, why am I still waiting?

But what happens when the signs stop appearing? When the snacks stop coming, we’re aching with hunger and can’t see any meals on the way...

Adoption: your story

November is Adoption Awareness Month so we asked ourselves what that means. We decided that it means learning more about the gift and...

Praying as a couple

"The fruit harvested is not like anything we would have imagined. During the harsh seasons in our infertility journey, the fruit from..."

The one thing I know

While we can’t guarantee the fruitfulness that will come from any diet, medication or appointment, God’s word assures us that abiding...

“Can’t you just adopt?”

A friend recently told me that when sharing their story of repeated miscarriages, she and her husband often heard the response, “Well,...

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