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Responses from Freda McMahon (Chartneo instructor for 3 years at Natural Fertility Matters in the UK).

“The client only needs to focus on good observations and enter all meaningful data into the app. The app will in turn determine, to a high degree of accuracy, the fertile and infertile windows of the cycle.”

About Chartneo and NeoFertility

What does Chartneo do for couples?

It is suitable for avoiding and achieving pregnancy.

What is the efficacy of Chartneo?

NeoFertility does not have any published efficacy statistics but since the method leverages the best of all the top methods, we are confident that the method is effective.

Is there a particular season where Chartneo stands out?

It is particularly good for TTC. Patients on the NeoFertility treatment plans are recommended to chart using the NeoFertility method via the Chartneo app to benefit from full integrations between clinic and patients.

Does Chartneo identify underlying concerns?

Yes, such as PCOS with continuous mucus, non-anovulatory cycles or abnormal bleeding.

Do you recommend Chartneo for single women as well as married couples?

Yes, for women's health and underlying gynae conditions such as PCOS.

Learning Chartneo

Where can you find a Chartneo instructor?

There is a map of advisors and clinics within the Chartneo app. While the Chartneo app can be used on a solo basis, accurate identification of the fertile and infertile windows relies on good observation. In addition, avoiding rules also differ before and after the ovulatory fertile window. Both of the above do not come with the app and have to be learned. Therefore we recommend all TTA couples to learn NFP properly from a trained advisor.

What is the expected financial commitment? Do practitioners accept insurance?

An initial session costs £80+, followed by £40 per month for 6 months+ of instruction, depending on the couple's goal. The app is $13.99 (USD) per year. No insurance.

Using Chartneo

Why should couples utilize NFP?

If you are looking to achieve pregnancy, NFP has similar success rates as IVF (30%) but with significantly lower economic costs (in real terms) and emotional stress. NFP generally enhances your spousal relationship. If you can talk about cervical mucus, then you can talk about anything!

What does Chartneo involve and what is the time commitment?

It’s the best of Billings, Creighton and Sensiplan all in one. A woman takes mucus observations throughout the day. Basal body temperature is either taken once at waking time, or Femtech is used. For BBT Femtech, we recommend using tempdrop which measures the BBTs throughout the night.

What tools or equipment are needed?

There are no paper charts. A thermometer or Femtech is required for taking BBT. The Chartneo app can identify the mucus peak day correctly in almost 90-95%+ of the cycles in my clients' group. Effectively the Chartneo app takes away a lot of the rules that clients used to have to know very well. This means that the client now only needs to focus on good observations and enter all meaningful data into the app. The app will in turn determine, to a high degree of accuracy, the fertile and infertile windows of the cycle.

How can husbands be involved?

They can log into the wife's Chartneo account and follow her chart.


If couples are using Chartneo and not conceiving, what are the next steps?

They will be referred to a NeoFertility doctor. There is one in the UK.

Is Chartneo still helpful for couples who don’t have access to a NaProTechnology doctor? 

If you have been charting with the method via the Chartneo app then it should be easy to find a NeoFertility doctor if diagnosis and treatment is required.

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