Creighton Model System and NaProTechnology

The Creighton Model System, the Creighton Method, the Creighton Model of FertilityCare - these are all synonymous and describe a particular method of Natural Family Planning which can be used in conjunction with NaProTechnology (restorative reproductive healthcare) to treat fertility problems in a way that is completely natural and pro-life. The Fruitful Hollow has collaborated with seven passionate FertilityCare Practitioners from the USA, Canada and the UK to give you an introduction to Creighton and NaProTechnology in these three videos.

Video 1: Introduction to NFP and the Creighton Model

What is Natural Family Planning?

What is the Creighton Model System of Fertility Care?

Describe the benefits of using Creighton in 5 words.

How do you honestly feel about charting?

Video 2: I’m considering learning the Creighton Method… tell me more!

What would you say to a couple who is considering learning Creighton?

What does a typical session with a FertilityCare Practitioner look like?

Why is Creighton a necessary step in working with a NaPro doctor?

What did you learn from your own NaPro experience?

With thanks for their contributions (listed in order of appearance in video 1):

Rebecca McEvoy, Charbel FertilityCare Center, Canada

Kristin Dvorsky, Faustina FertilityCare Center, USA

Laura Golden, Holy Family FertilityCare, USA

Amanda Adebisi, Naturally Conceive, UK

Daria Bailey and Karoline Heldt, Groesbeck Fertility Care Center, USA

Holly Baril, In Touch Fertility Care Services, USA