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Marquette Method: Welcome

Marquette Method

Responses from Dr. Stephanie Kafie (Marquette instructor for 4 years at Totally Yours Family Medicine in Ontario, Canada); and Lauren Zamora BSN, RN, C-EFM, MMCP (Marquette instructor for 3 years in Florida, USA).

“The Marquette method typically has the fewest days of abstinence when compared to other NFP methods. We are the only NFP method with a specific protocol for breastfeeding.”

About Marquette 

What does Marquette do for couples?

Dr Stephanie: It can be used to avoid or achieve pregnancy, and gives you information about your health.

Lauren: It helps you detect your fertile window and learn about your overall health and wellbeing. The Marquette method typically has the fewest days of abstinence when compared to other NFP methods. It also objectively helps you track data!

What is the efficacy of Marquette?

Dr Stephanie: The method is 98-99% effective for avoiding pregnancy. 

Lauren: The Marquette method is 98% effective for preventing pregnancy in typical use, and 98.4% effective at preventing pregnancy in perfect use.

Is there a particular season where Marquette stands out?

Dr Stephanie: The postpartum protocols are excellent.

Lauren: We are the only NFP method with a specific protocol for breastfeeding (and we are so proud of it)!

Does Marquette identify underlying concerns?

Dr Stephanie: Yes, PCOS and other health concerns.

Lauren: Yes, by objectively tracking your urinary hormones we can tell so much about your overall health. Your menstrual cycle is actually known as your 5th vital sign!

Do you recommend Marquette for single women as well as married couples?

Dr Stephanie: Yes, but we adjust it to meet needs and cost-effectiveness strategies. 

Learning Marquette

Where can you find a Marquette instructor?

Dr Stephanie: You can find an instructor at 

Lauren: You can find an instructor at 

What is the expected financial commitment? Do practitioners in the USA accept insurance?

Dr Stephanie: The cost of the monitor and test strips. Yes, I accept insurance.

Lauren: Instruction and follow-ups cost around $250. Marquette method certified professionals are required to at the minimum be a RN with a BSN then attend the Marquette University graduate degree program, take a board exam, and stay up to date on current research. They value the clinical aspect we can bring to the table and of course helping those with irregular cycles or other underlying health conditions. Unfortunately, insurance is not accepted at this time.

Using Marquette

Why should couples utilize NFP?

Dr Stephanie: It is a natural and effective method of family planning that is in accordance with the Catholic faith and values.

Lauren: Natural Family Planning allows you to learn about the God-given gift of fertility. It allows you to learn about your body and understand how it works without any medical side effects! NFP strengthens a marriage through communication and intimacy. There are so many natural benefits but also an ability to connect mind, body and spirit. You truly appreciate life! 

What does Marquette involve and what is the time commitment?

Dr Stephanie: It involves using a fertility monitor and natural signs of fertility once daily.

Lauren: Marquette involves monitoring your urinary hormones to determine your fertile window. Typically, that means testing your urine in the morning about 10 days in your cycle on average.

What tools or equipment are needed?

Dr Stephanie: A fertility monitor, LH sticks optional.

Lauren: The Clearblue fertility monitor and test strips.

How can husbands be involved?

Dr Stephanie: They can help with charting.

Lauren: Husbands can help chart and can technically they can even test the urine for their wife! 


If couples are using Marquetted and not conceiving, what are the next steps?

Dr Stephanie: Investigations with a physician.

Lauren: Referral to a NaProTechnology doctor.

Is Marquette still helpful for couples who don’t have access to a NaProTechnology doctor?

Dr Stephanie: Yes

Lauren: Yes

Learn more about Marquette: 

Marquette Method: About
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