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Sisters of Hannah

If you are interested in meeting with the Sisters of Hannah, please fill out the form! The Sisters of Hannah are women who will support you, pray for you on your journey, and be a listening ear. We will be in contact with you very soon.

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Welcome to Sisters of Hannah

What is the Sisters of Hannah mentorship ministry?

The road of infertility can be a very isolating and lonely one. Friends and family do not always understand this cross or how to support couples on this journey. We would like to offer personalized support and friendship from women who have walked this road before. We have begun building a team of mentors and we will be holding another discernment retreat later in the year for anyone interested in joining the mentorship team.

Could you be a Sister of Hannah?
If you are a woman who has previously dealt with infertility and would like to walk alongside someone who is actively struggling, we would love for you to come along to the virtual retreat! You might be a good fit to be a Sister of Hannah if you: are a practicing Catholic; have struggled with primary or secondary infertility; respect the teachings of the Catholic Church (specifically regarding family planning and fertility); are no longer able or working to conceive. 

How do I register?
If you are interested in becoming a Sister of Hannah, please email Kristin at and we will let you know when a date is scheduled for the next discernment retreat. Whilst attendance at the discernment retreat is a mandatory part of the process, you do not have to commit at this stage. Come along to find out more and discern if this is for you.