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Sisters of Hannah

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FAQ- Sisters of Hannah: Welcome

I’m interested in speaking to a mentor…

Why might I consider mentorship?

We know the path of infertility can be a lonely one, and friends and family don’t always know how to support us. Our mentors are experienced women of faith who have been through a multitude of infertility situations. They are trained to offer tools for companionship, prayerful support, discernment resources and gentle guidance along your journey. Our mentors may not have all the answers but they will help guide, affirm and empower you in your search for God and peace on this isolating journey.

Is it like counseling for infertile women?

The Sisters of Hannah are a trained team of dedicated women who have experienced a variety of infertility challenges and come to a place of peace. They are prepared to listen, pray for and support mentees. They are not licensed counselors nor medical personnel. Their support is that of accompaniment and prayer. If counseling is what you feel you need, we would encourage you to seek a professional therapist. Many of the Fruitful Hollow team have found therapy beneficial on their infertility journey.

Is it a one-time meeting or ongoing mentorship?

You'll start with one session with a pair of mentors. You’ll be offered a number of different ways to stay connected if you decide to continue your mentorship.

What is the time commitment?

You will be offered an hour session with two sisters, and a follow-up at a later date if you choose.

Do you have to be pursuing treatment?

No! The Sisters of Hannah are there to support you wherever you are on your infertility journey.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, go to the mentorship page on our website and fill in the short form to ask to be matched.

FAQ- Sisters of Hannah: FAQ
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FAQ- Sisters of Hannah: Image

I’m interested in becoming a mentor…

What does the role look like?

A mentor is a listener, a prayerful friend, and a gentle companion. We pray, listen and respond to the underlying questions and heart of our sister mentees. We ask questions to guide mentees to think about their own experiences and arrive at action steps they can take to draw closer to their sense of peace, validation and freedom. We aim to accompany mentees with the heart of Jesus as he walked with his downtrodden disciples on the road to Emmaus.

What training do you need?

The most important training is your own experience. The discernment and training process is thorough and formative. The discernment retreat is 3 hours long, followed by a period of personal discernment and reflection, an interview and a dedicated Sisters of Hannah training. You just need to bring your heart, openness to listen, honest reflections and faithfulness. We (through the generosity of the Holy Spirit) will provide the rest.

What is the time commitment?

Once you have been trained as a Sister of Hannah, you and your team members will begin meeting to pray the rosary (virtually!) for this ministry twice a month, and meeting with mentees 1-2 times a week. A mentor should expect to give about 2-4 hours of their week to prayer and mentorship.

Do you have to have eventually had children?

Absolutely not! Mentors may have come to a place of peace about being a family of 2 or they may have had children (biologically or through adoption). The key factor is that they have personal experience of infertility but are no longer actively seeking ways to grow their family at this time.

What if you don't know what to say to a mentee?

A listening heart of compassion is the most critical characteristic of a Sister of Hannah. The ministry would not be possible without the Holy Spirit's inspiration and a tremendous amount of teamwork. In more ways than one, the power of the ministry comes through the shared giftedness of the team members. The Holy Spirit truly gives us what we need to serve together. Furthermore, the discernment retreat and training will provide you with lots of opportunities to think about how you can best serve a mentee. You won't be starting unprepared!

How do I get on board?

To enquire about becoming a mentor, email and we will answer any questions you have and let you know when the next discernment retreat will take place.

FAQ- Sisters of Hannah: FAQ
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