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Choosing a method of Natural Family Planning

If you’re new to NFP, it can be confusing to hear mention of different methods, and often we only hear about whichever one is promoted in...

Praying the Holy Spirit novena

The nine days of prayer is considered to be the first novena, which took place in the time period between the Ascension and Pentecost.

I don't know where else to go but Calvary

I don’t know where else to go but Calvary. The place where redemptive suffering consumes every broken heart that God has ever and will ...

Back to school: time to pack your backpack!

The smell of freshly sharpened pencils, completely white sneakers, cute haircuts and junior high nerves is what comes to mind for me when...

Secondary infertility: your story

"I do find that there is a lot of guilt associated with my experience of secondary infertility. I feel guilty when talking with those..."

2022 Preparing for a fruitful Holy Week

Throughout Holy Week, let us be vigilant and keep watch. As we hear of Christ’s suffering and sacrifice for our souls, may we yearn to...

Infertility Stations of the Cross

We are honored to share this reflection on the Stations of the Cross through the lens of infertility. It is a collaborative effort of...

Boundaries: why they matter

If you are reading this blog post, the chances are you’re struggling with this very issue. Most people, like Olivia and William, find...

St. Pope John Paul II: Create The Day

At his core, St. JPII was an exemplary poet, playwright, dreamer, and a visionary. He understood the depths of the human longing to create..

Praying as a couple

"The fruit harvested is not like anything we would have imagined. During the harsh seasons in our infertility journey, the fruit from..."

The one thing I know

While we can’t guarantee the fruitfulness that will come from any diet, medication or appointment, God’s word assures us that abiding...

Meet the Sisters of Hannah!

We are delighted to introduce you to the first mentors on the Sisters of Hannah team!

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