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Holy Saturdays of our lives

A wise and holy priest once told me that we don’t get to Easter Sunday without Good Friday. Simply put, we must go through suffering to...

The hem of His garment

There have been so many times in the depths of my grief when I felt as if I, too, was hanging on to that single thread. After my losses...

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

Spiritual warfare is quite literally a glimpse into hell. It’s painful, nasty and exhausting. When you’re in the midst of the spiritual...

St. Catherine of Sweden: patroness of miscarriage

St. Catherine of Sweden can be our patroness, our intercessor, in miscarriage, despite never having her own, because of her spiritual...

Joy is a choice (3rd week of Advent)

The more we die to ourselves, the more we find God. The more we find God, the more meaning we have in our lives, and we are able to unite..

Miscarriage: your story

To mark Baby Loss Awareness Week, we want to give a voice to women who have experienced miscarriage. We are so touched that eight women...

St. Anthony of Padua and Baby Antoine

It was our miracle, our answer to prayer, our dream. And then it turned into our nightmare.

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