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Letters of encouragement: TTC and the 8 year wait

We were in front of the cathedral. It was nearing midnight. The air was crisp, I could see my breath. I was in need of physical healing...

God of the hills and valleys

“He’s God of the hills and valleys.” (Tauren Wells) While listening to the Sunday readings one day (Luke 17:5-10… faith the size of a musta

New wineskins

Our priest talked about how sin results in death – a moral death and existential death. Moral death in a person causes confusion, and the..

The hem of His garment

There have been so many times in the depths of my grief when I felt as if I, too, was hanging on to that single thread. After my losses...

When suffering and trust co-exist

So, fear not sister. In those places of littleness and longing and emptiness, press into TRUST. And please know that in the remaining days..

I don't know where else to go but Calvary

I don’t know where else to go but Calvary. The place where redemptive suffering consumes every broken heart that God has ever and will ...

God’s faithfulness during unanswered prayers

“God, where are You? Why aren’t You answering? Why aren’t You helping us? We are doing our part - why aren’t you doing Yours?” ...

Sidewalk chalk and God's love

I said a silent prayer that I would feel God holding me today. After waiting until the last possible second, I gathered my courage to walk

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

Spiritual warfare is quite literally a glimpse into hell. It’s painful, nasty and exhausting. When you’re in the midst of the spiritual...

Infertility Stations of the Cross

We are honored to share this reflection on the Stations of the Cross through the lens of infertility. It is a collaborative effort of...

Overcoming infertility trauma

The devil is so cunning, isn’t he? Satan takes elements of truth and twists them in such a way that we suspend our free will because we...

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