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RESOURCE: Mothers’ Day Challenge-Truth, beauty and goodness

Finding a new focus during the month of Mothers’ Day

Truth, beauty and goodness challenge
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For many of us, the whole month surrounding Mothers’ Day can be rough. Whether we are longing for a child we have yet to conceive, grieving the loss of a little one or the loss of our own mother, or perhaps we have a strained mother/daughter relationship, this holiday can sometimes bring up challenging emotions. It can leave us feeling sad or anxious, not only on the day itself but in the surrounding weeks. If this sounds like you, give this “Truth, beauty and goodness” challenge a try and bring a positive and fruitful focus to your month.

Prepare, then 1, 2, 3!

  • Prepare

    • Social media: If you find it upsetting being bombarded with motherhood content, sign off of social media for a full week before Mothers’ Day and STAY OFF for a week or two afterwards, to make sure all the Mothers’ Day posts have had time to work themselves off of your newsfeed. If you are an Instagram follower and want to stay connected with The Fruitful Hollow this month (we have some exciting and supportive content coming up!), subscribe to our emails or simply “mute” accounts that may be triggering.

    • Communicate with your spouse: Tell your spouse what would make Mothers’ Day a better day for you. Do you need flowers? Do you need affirmations? Do you need a fun outing after you’ve visited your own mom? Do you need a movie and comfort food? Don’t make him guess - tell him! You’ll be happier, and he will be relieved he knows exactly how best to support you!

1 ~ Truth Select ONE thing you will commit to for five minutes each day this month to make sure you are filling your mind with God’s truth. Ideas include:

  • Pick one scripture verse to memorize this month; pick one book of the New Testament to read, reading one chapter a day; pick a book for spiritual reading and commit to ten minutes a day.

2 ~ Beauty Select TWO ways to bring beauty into your life this month, and help lift your gaze heavenward. Seek beauty in small ways and in a big way!

  • Pick one small way to bring beauty into your life every week this month: fresh flowers, a daily walk, photography, a favorite playlist, or a book of artwork or poetry.

  • Pick one bigger way to seek beauty this month that you can look forward to: a special garden exhibition, a hike with your spouse or friend, etc.

3 ~ Goodness Select THREE different actions you can take in the coming month.

  • You ~ Identify one action that will be good for you to help you regulate your emotions: a daily walk alone, down time for reading or coloring, coffee with a friend.

  • Your marriage ~ Identify one thing that will be good for your marriage this month: a date to look forward to, actions that meet your spouse’s love language etc.

  • Others ~ It’s important sometimes to step outside of ourselves. Identify one thing you can do to help someone else or brighten their day: send a card or small care package, help with an errand, give them a call.

Printable Worksheets

Click here to download your own printable “Mother’s Day Challenge: Truth, beauty, and goodness” worksheets, which include both an example page and a blank template for you to fill out with your own plan.

For further resources to help you along the infertility journey, check out our Resources Page.

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