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Sidewalk chalk and God's love

“You are worth more than what life could give you.”

The moment I had been praying for for a full week finally came through a text message from our adoption consultant; another “not yet”. We’ve heard a lot of “not yet” in the six months that we have been active during our adoption journey. This one cut me deep. I needed to get some fresh air and a change of scenery. I don’t typically leave work for lunch, but I had to get out today. The walls of my classroom felt as if they were closing in on me. Another rejection and another day of holding myself together through the end of the (very long) work day.

I spent the drive listening to a Blessed Is She podcast; special time in prayer. I listened as Beth Davis and Father Parks (my spiritual friends who have no clue I exist) spoke about how God often speaks to us through what our eyes can physically see. I said a silent prayer that I would feel God holding me today. After waiting until the last possible second, I gathered my courage to walk back into the bustling junior high.

I did not expect to have tears in my eyes before my key even would enter the door. A class must have gone outside in the hour I was gone. I walked up to a plethora of sidewalk chalk art. There were many quotes and sayings, but the one I read first said:

“You are… worth more than what life could give you

More beautiful than any flower

More precious than gold

You are going to hold,

The world in your hands

The light in my world.”

That first line “You are worth more than what life could give you” began replaying over and over in my mind; a song straight from my Father. You are worth more than what life could give you… and I heard the truth; I am because I am His. I am his for eternity; I am His even outside of my human life.

I had contacted the English teacher whose class was outside writing quotes from chalk and she was able to identify the students who wrote that particular quote. Thank you Hannah and Raegan. I asked if they had found it somewhere or if they had composed it. Goosebumps covered my body when I heard that it was a quote of their own composition. A direct message of hope and love. A message God meant for me.

A message God meant for you.

“You are… worth more than what life could give you….

You are going to hold the world in your hands.”



This week we invite you to reflect on the statement, "You are worth more than what life could give you". Let God unravel it's meaning in your heart. Journal your thoughts. Take it to prayer.

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