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Seven saints to turn to on Mothers’ Day

We understand that Mothers’ Day can be difficult for couples experiencing infertility, loss, or any hard road to growing their family. Here is a collection of saints whose intercession you may wish to seek on your journey.

For the one who longs for a child…

St. Agatha Yi Sosa is counted among the many Korean saints. She was widowed after only three years of marriage, and suffered from her longing for children. She found comfort in guiding her much younger brother, St. Peter Yi Ho-yong. Together they were arrested and martyred. (1)

May you find consolation in St. Agatha’s example.

For the one who longs for more children…

Blessed Chiara Corbella Petrillo had a long and impressive love story with her husband. Excited to build their family, they became pregnant soon after marriage. Their first child, Maria Grazia Letizia, was diagnosed with anencephaly and died a half hour after her birth on June 10, 2009. Their second child, Davide Giovanni, was diagnosed with severe malformations and also died shortly after he was born on June 24, 2010. After getting pregnant a third time, a lesion was discovered on Chiara’s tongue. She chose to put off surgery for the tumor, which was found to be cancerous, to be able to give birth to Francesco in May 2011. She then began treatment for the cancer, but by then it had intensified. Chiara died at home in June 2012. Chiara and her husband Enrico kept their little saints in their hearts. (2 & 3)

May you be inspired by Bl. Chiara’s self-sacrifice.

For the one who has suffered miscarriage…

Blessed Catalina de Maria Rodriguez was a religious nun in Argentina, born Saturina Rodriguez de Zavalia, but before that she was married to a widowed man with two children. Her spiritual director had strongly encouraged her to marry the man and bear him children, believing it was God’s will for Saturina to lead him to heaven. Saturina had one child with her husband; the child was stillborn, and her husband died after 13 years of marriage. After her husband’s death, she entered religious life and dedicated herself to forming women in the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola. She found great consolation in God through all her vocational trials. (4)

May you be led in discernment and trust like Bl. Catalina.

For the foster mother…

St. Ita of Killeedy was an intensely holy nun who founded a small community in County Limerick and cultivated the land, school and souls given to her care. One such soul was St. Brendan, who was given to her to foster when he was a year old. She was known for her austerity and prophecy, and much sought after in her own time to help foster others’ holiness. (5)

May your holiness nurture others like St. Ita.

For the adoptive mother…

Blessed Eurosia Fabris lived her life very much for others. As a young woman she joined the Association of the Daughters of Mary and was active in her parish and community. When she was not yet 20, her neighbor, a young married mother, died in a tragic accident, leaving behind three young daughters and her husband; the eldest daughter also died soon after. After caring for the young girls while the father was away, Eurosia discerned marriage to the widower at the advice of relatives and her priest, and adopted the children as her own, going on to have nine more children, while also opening her home to other children. Known as Mamma Rosa, she built a Christian community around her home and modeled holiness for all. (6)

May your doors always be open like Bl. Eurosia.

For the godmothers and spiritual mothers…

We are blessed with many spiritual mothers in the lives of the saints, but must always remember how Christ gave us His Blessed Mother at the foot of the Cross. Mary, the mother of God, is mother to us all. She is a model spiritual mother, giving us guidance, admonishment and constant intercession.

May your spiritual motherhood find its roots in the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Theotokos.

For the expectant mother…

While many expectant mothers have the joy of feeling the movement of their children in utero, St. Elizabeth’s son John leaped for joy in the womb in recognition of the Lord. St. Elizabeth, cousin of Mary, faced barrenness and miraculously conceived in her old age. Based on what we know of St. John the Baptist as a prophet, Saints Elizabeth and Zechariah would have raised and prepared John in much the same way Hannah gave Samuel to the Lord and Manoah’s wife took the Nazirite vow for Samson.

May you encourage holiness in your child(ren) as did St. Elizabeth.

-Hunter-Kilmer, Meg. “Saints who suffered infertility.” Aletia, 25 April 2020.
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