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How to support your husband on Fathers’ Day

On June 29, 1995, Pope John Paul II wrote a “Letter to Women”. This letter holds beautiful insight and speaks on the workings and purpose of the woman’s unique aptitude for nurture and care.

“The Book of Genesis speaks of creation in summary fashion, in language which is poetic and symbolic, yet profoundly true: ‘God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them’ (Gen 1:27). The creative act of God takes place according to a precise plan. First of all, we are told that the human being is created ‘in the image and likeness of God’ (cf. Gen 1:26). This expression immediately makes clear what is distinct about the human being with regard to the rest of creation.

We are then told that, from the very beginning, man has been created ‘male and female’ (Gen 1:27). Scripture itself provides the interpretation of this fact: even though man is surrounded by the innumerable creatures of the created world, he realizes that he is alone (cf. Gen 2:20). God intervenes in order to help him escape from this situation of solitude: ‘It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him’ (Gen 2:18). The creation of woman is thus marked from the outset by the principle of help: a help which is not one-sided but mutual. Woman complements man, just as man complements woman: men and women are complementary. Womanhood expresses the ‘human’ as much as manhood does, but in a different and complementary way.” (Letter of Pope John Paul II to Women)

The Fruitful Hollow wants to offer practical ways for women to offer help to their spouse Fathers’ Day (Sunday, June 20). Our Maker designed us to be a complement to our spouse. Offering “help” isn’t always obvious and doesn’t have to be conventional. It may look like providing emotional or practical support, giving an extra hug, or it may be about making the day extra fun. Think about your husband’s primary love language when considering what he might appreciate most. (If you don’t know what your primary love languages are, take the quiz and discuss your results together to get to know how to love each other best!) Check out our list of ideas for supporting your husband on Fathers’ Day!

Thoughtful ways to support your husband that don’t cost a thing

For the husband who prefers to be loved through words of affirmation, acts of service or physical touch, there are lots of ways to spoil him on Fathers’ Day!

  • Write him a letter or list of characteristics that you love about him

  • Write a note for future him to read in 1/3/5 years

  • Have his father write him a letter

  • Have the littles in his life (godchildren, nieces/nephews) write him a letter

  • Invite a spiritual father over to dinner

  • Invite a priest to pray over your husband

  • Spend an hour in adoration thanking God for him

  • Give him some alone time

  • Take care of all of the chores that he typically does

  • Send him lunch or pack a cute note in his lunch box

  • Cook him his favorite meal

  • Set him up a “man cave” and Xbox game time with his buddies

  • Set up a date for him and his dad/family

  • Give him a hug

  • Give him a massage

  • Watch some tutorials together to learn how to give the perfect massage

  • Hold him and tell him that you love him

Date ideas

For the husband who loves quality time more than anything, plan a special date for Fathers’ Day and make some great memories together.

  • Spend time enjoying your favorite hobby together or teaching each other something new

  • Go camping (Budget-friendly version: camp out in your backyard!)

  • Go for a hike

  • Have a picnic (Bad weather version: set up a picnic on the floor of your home and play nature sounds for ambience!)

  • Be a tourist in your home town - visit something you’ve never seen before

  • Do something adventurous like axe-throwing, paintballing or rock climbing

  • Go fishing

  • See a movie

  • Tour a brewery

  • Go wine tasting at a vineyard or wine bar

  • Meet up with friends at an amusement park

  • Get a couple’s massage

  • Head to a museum

  • Go to the casino

  • Go to a comedy club or theatre

  • Pretend you’re on vacation: pick a destination and plan a themed night in with food, activities, music and decorations to make it authentic

Gift ideas

For the husband who appreciates receiving gifts, be it a small token or an elaborate gift, here are some ideas for that perfect present!

  • A bouquet of flowers - they’re not just for the ladies!

  • Send him a potato! (No, we aren’t joking!)

  • A new outfit

  • Some new sunglasses

  • Take him to pick you out a new piece of lingerie

  • A gift card for a nice barber

  • A subscription to a magazine he loves

  • A jar of sticky notes or popsicle sticks with date night ideas written on - one for each month of the year

  • A new board game

  • Tickets to a concert

  • Some “#1 dad” socks with his face on it

  • A beef jerky flower bouquet

  • Have his favorite chair reupholstered

  • A medal of his favorite saint (ask your parish priest to bless it for you)

  • A photo album or scrapbook of favorite memories together

  • A framed recent photo of each of his godchildren (or any nieces, nephews or friends’ children to whom he is a father figure)

  • A handwritten gift card/voucher for a special date or experience (if you won’t be together on Fathers’ Day)

  • A devotional or prayer resource such as this Godparent Prayer Journal

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