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The Fruitful Hollow

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Infertility is defined by Oxford Languages and Google as... "in·fer·til·i·ty /ˌinfərˈtilədē/ noun

  • inability to conceive children or young.

  • inability of land to sustain crops or vegetation; unproductiveness."

The first definition, I'm sure is very obvious and real to you. But I challenge you to consider for a moment the second one... "inability of land to sustain crops or vegetation; unproductiveness". By this definition, would you consider yourself infertile?

Thankfully we live in a world where to a certain point, words can no longer define us. We are much more than a definition. We are HIS creation and therefore are so much more. I am an "infertile" woman by the first definition, but I have decided to reject the second.

Deuteronomy 28:8 promises us, "The LORD will affirm the blessing upon you, on your barns and on all your undertakings; he will bless you in the land that Lord, your God, is giving you."

What is the land that the LORD IS giving you? Are you cultivating it or are you praying that it will pass from your hands? What are you currently undertaking in the NOW? Are you attempting to just pass through?


My name is Lauren. I'm a Catholic; wife to Sean; Dog/Bird Mom to Tucker, Trudy, and Westin; lover of music; singer of songs; Advanced Director for Pampered Chef; and an imperfect person who is sustained by God's abundant mercy and grace. I was diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance and Sean & I have been on an infertility journey with treatment for 9 months now.

The process of injections, hormones, and all that comes with it has been a hard one. Some days are better than others. Our story is interesting and maybe I'll share it one day, but for now I'd like to share what pushed me to create The Fruitful Hollow.

I'm such a fan of Blessed Is She and their podcast, "The Gathering Place". I listened to episode 81 titled "Hope Does Not Disappoint" with Sister Mary Claire Strasser, a sister in the Society of Our Lady in the Most Holy Trinity. It completely altered the way I view "Hope". Praise God for that!!

I heard the LORD so very clearly say to me, "YOU are called to CARRY this Cross". The thought was so profound and clear. I am called to CARRY this burden... CARRY my cross, even if it is the cross of infertility.

Up to this point, I have been praying for this heavy cross to go away. Praying that I could just toss it off my shoulder and hide it beneath a baby blanket. Begging, pleading, and questioning why I've been handed this cross in the first place. Not wanting it. Not owning it. Not accepting it. Not carrying it.

Moving forward, my prayer is that HE will teach me, guide me, and provide the resources to help me CARRY my cross with purpose; just as HE carried His to Calvary.

I pray that this site will one day be filled with teachings, testimonies, and truth from our faith. May it help us all pick up our cross, and CARRY it wherever the LORD needs us to go. May we have the strength to grow in holiness, virtue, and wisdom. Although our wombs be hollow, my prayer is that we become fruitful in the midst of it all.

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